I’m Not the Laundry Fairy but…

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… but I can give some suggestions on getting you through the first few rough hours of being back.

So you and your family are home.. probably dying to shower, hungry (unless you were able to make a pit stop on your way home and grab some grub, then kudos to you!), and the washing machine is serenading you.

Have everyone help. ~ Even small children can take things to various parts of the house, or collect laundry in laundry baskets, and even help dry plastic dishes. I believe a family trip involves the whole family, from packing, right to the bitter end. In my house, my husband unpacks, our oldest son delivers the items to where they need to be, I start washing things, and our youngest helps with dishes and unpacking the coolers. Even if you have to fix it later, have everyone pitch in.

Utilize ALL of your modern conveniences. ~ Run the dishwasher, start a load of laundry ASAP, and if your children are old enough to bathe/shower on their own, GREAT! Use all that wonderful machinery you couldn’t use during your trip!

Figure out the grocery situation. ~ Unpacking the coolers (or overseeing your offspring while they help you do it) gives you a chance to figure out what you need to pick up… have some paper handy and jot things down as you go. This is also handy for jotting down camp supplies you need to restock for next time!

ORDER A PIZZA (or whatever your family enjoys that is quick, easy and available). ~ Go easy on yourself! You all have more than enough to do, so let someone else cook your meal while you focus on cleaning up and organizing. We buy a huge slab of bread pizza that allows us leftovers for the next days’ lunch.

Reward yourself when it’s all done. ~ Enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine and go through some of your pictures from your trip and congratulate yourself on a well-planned, well-organized trip.

Please share your tips for the return to reality! =)


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