Got Kids, Will Travel

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Traveling with children can be challenging at the best of times, and downright difficult at the worst of times. Each child is different, each family is different, but my suggestions just might help you out:

1. Have a few of their favourite snacks/drinks on-hand. This applies to children of all ages. Mine are 15 and 9 and still enjoy it when I do this… because, hey… isn’t life just better with snacks?

2. Bring a couple of their favourite toys. OR, if you’re a parent that rotates their toys from one floor, or room, to another every now and then, bring something they haven’t played with in awhile. As your children get older, their “toys” become more expensive… now it’s a major feat if I can get them to leave their iPads at home!

3. Make pitstops if it’s a long trip. Use the facilities, stretch your legs, and give them an idea of how much longer the drive is BEFORE they ask, so you don’t have to keep hearing the dreaded question. Or, in these days of the GPS, the time to reach the destination is usually displayed, so they can watch this themselves.

Get Back to Nature

4. Bring a book for them to look at or read, or some music for them to listen to. Nearly everything is more enjoyable with a great book to read or music to listen to.

5. Play travel games. I’ve seen travel-themed bingo games, portable travel games, etc… all of which could help the travel time. One of our favourite games was going through the alphabet and finding each letter on street/highway signs or on billboards.

Some of these tips can help you out even when you’re close to home, too! Grocery shopping will be a breeze when you whip out a small bag of snacks or a favourite toy!

What helps you when travelling with kids?


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