Why Camp?

Why Camp? Explore your options!

Why Camp? Explore your options!

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Each year, the day we come back from camping is the day we start the countdown for the following year!

So why camp? What is so great about it that a non-camper should try it, at least once?

I believe the main reason to camp are to enjoy nature, to relax, view wildlife in a natural environment, and to gain a sincere appreciation for modern conveniences (absence makes the heart grow fonder!). But HOW does one camp?

There are soooo many forms and ways to camp that if one doesn’t work for you, another probably will. I think to some people, “camping” means no showers, catching your own food and sleeping on the ground. While, yes, there IS that form of camping, that is for extreme-campers. Being loyal to Algonquin Park, my husband and I see that as “interior-camping”, where you need to bring everything you camp with and make sure it fits into a canoe, because you’re going DEEP into the bush, where there are no options for you if you forgot something.
Paddling is so peaceful!

Paddling is so peaceful!

There is car-camping, which is what my family and I do. We don’t ‘sleep on the ground’, we have an air mattress, and while it’s not the best thing in the world to sleep on, for one week, we can manage. We camp in a campground that offers showers and laundry facilities, and also has a store (where everything is a lot more expensive than anywhere else). It’s not quite roughing it but it’s not necessarily glamorous either.

If these options don’t work for you, you can buy or borrow a small tent trailer, which offers actual beds, a table and dining benches, and depending on the trailer, other modern conveniences, such as a fridge, stove, storage, etc.

And of course, if you want to take home with you when you leave home for your vacation, you can camp in an actual camper. Some models offer showers, microwaves, air conditioning, satellite, etc. These kinds of vehicles can be QUITE expensive, but to some, they are worth every penny.

Gazing into a campfire right before bed... there is nothing like it!

Gazing into a campfire right before bed… there is nothing like it!

Despite all of the options, the entire point of camping is not how you camp, it’s all about the experiences you have while you’re there, and who you camp with. Camping is great for family bonding, and educating children on the importance of taking a break and enjoying nature. Nature is extremely relaxing, and it’s proven that exposure to nature can reduce stress and blood pressure.

Feel free to share your comments on your love for camping!

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