Why Geocaching Will Make You Question Everything

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You can mention “geocaching” to just about anyone, and some people will have heard of it (some will even have done it). A lot haven’t heard of it, but are intrigued when you explain what it is.

I first heard about geocaching roughly a year ago, from a coworker who had just done it for the first time with her then-boyfriend. That almost sounds dirty, right? It can be! Let me explain:

The possibility of geocaching was born on May 2nd, 2000, when satellites were given new instructions, improving their GPS capabilities. The next day, a guy named Dave Ulmer, wanting to test the accuracy of the new capabilities but hiding a trackable item item in the woods, taking note of the GPS coodinates. The idea was to “take something, and leave something”. He posted the first “geocache” on Usenet, only then, it was called “the great stash game”. Within three days, two other people found the item and shared the experience. Within a month, people were buzzing about this activity and, in a nutshell, it caught on. (This is the extremely abbreviated version!)

It became geocaching because “geo” means Earth and “caching” means hidden temporarily (in general).

LOTS of geocaches are hidden in wooded areas, which is where getting dirty comes into play 😉

However, some geocaches are hidden in some not-so-private areas too, which brings me to my next point: you need to practice stealth. If the wrong people find the geocache, there is a good possibility it will end up being destroyed.


Out in the field, hunting geocaches!


Tyler & Caleb, searching high, low and inside caves to find the treasure.

My husband and I, with our boys, have found about 30 geocaches at this point, which isn’t great, but it’s not too bad either. Plus, we’ve found them in all kinds of environments. We’ve found one in a grocery store parking lot. We’ve found two separate ones near coffee drive-thrus, and we’ve also found several along the Niagara escarpment (which is close to where we live). We also had one day, where all four of us climbed the side of the escarpment and came out looking like The Walking Dead. Dirt EVERYWHERE, twigs stuck in my hair, war wounds on just about all of us, and what an appetite we worked up…


Found it!

Yup… but so rewarding when you FIND it. It’s like a grown-up version of a treasure hunt, and there’s no telling what you will find… some people leave money, trinkets, collectibles, even gift cards. You don’t have to take or leave something, but you should definitely sign the log sheet with your name and the date.


Opening up the container to see what’s inside, and to sign the log sheet.

But, to start up with this amazing hobby, your first step really is to go to www.geocaching.com, and create a free account. You need this in order to look for geocaches, because the website tracks every one of them. And to make it extra convenient, you can get the app for your phone, so when you’re on the go, maybe between errands, you can log into your account on your smartphone, and see what’s around you 🙂

I’ll delve a little more deeply into this topic in my next post… I love this hobby, and I think if you enjoy the outdoors, you will too. What I love the most about it, though, is the fact that it’s like a huge, global secret. Some people know about it, and many more don’t. So if a geocache near your workplace or near your home is in view, you can enjoy knowing that it’s right under their noses and they have no idea!


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