Have a Ghoulish Halloween!


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I have a confession to make… and those people who know me well already know this. I am NOT a fan of fall. I like the baking and the pretty colours, but that’s where it ends, for the most part.

I honestly try to make the best of it though, and I do put every effort into being festive and creative. I decorate the house with window clings for Halloween, pumpkins, and all kinds of Halloween-themed candle holders. I put a lot of thought into hearty dinners and sweet treats, and I spend a fair amount of time researching awesome costume ideas.

Tyler has decided to be a Skeletal Meme for Halloween this year. When he speaks like an Internet meme All. The. Time., it grates on our nerves. Anyway, I think he looks pretty dashing, for a skeleton!

halloween skeleton

Tyler is his Skeletal Meme.

Caleb is ALL about Minions this year.. We took the boys to the drive-in this past summer to see that movie, and they had a staff member dress up as a Minion to have their pictures taken with the kids. Caleb was completely in his glory.


Caleb at the drive-in, holding his stuffed Minion, hanging out with his new BFF!

He is so infatuated with Minions, he’s developed Minion language that he speaks at school, driving his classmates up the wall, and also calls his teacher, “Boss”. My husband and I nearly died when she told us this but, she adores Caleb and is totally cool with it because he understands that it’s a term of authority. (Thinking I may need a “S#!% My Kids Says” post… wow!)

So, yes, his costume was a no-brainer. I wanted to make his costume but, looking at all of the ideas on Pinterest, it would have cost me more to make it than to just spend $30 on a costume for him. He was thrilled and I was the best mommy EVER (dad got an honourable mention, and even then, it was an afterthought!).


Caleb as a Minion.

I usually dress up for Halloween at work, but I just wasn’t feeling it this year. I did bake some mini cupcakes for Caleb to bring in for school. It was the first time I’ve used my mini cupcake pan, and it wasn’t easy trying to gauge how much batter to use in each cup. I ended up with 60 cupcakes so my husband and I both brought some into work. We were definitely Halloween Heroes 🙂 Unfortunately, the candies on top weren’t peanut-free, so Caleb had to take plain cupcakes in.


The Halloween goodies we brought to work today… YUM!

My husband and I went to a Halloween party last weekend, as a bikini top… or Double-Ds (our names both start with a D). We took two balls, inflated them, and wore them under over-sized white t-shirts. Then we took a majorly over-sized red t-shirt and cut it to look like two bikini cups. I sewed the red to the white shirts at three points, the shoulder strap, and each side, puckering it so that it would cup the ball properly. We left the bottom hem of the t-shirt intact, and fed string through the hem, so we could tie the bottom to keep the ball from falling out.


Devin and I at the Halloween party last weekend… it was a complete hit.

People we didn’t even know were taking pictures of us, and we noticed people smiling and staring. We went to the bar to get a drink, and I told my husband to lean forward with me in front of the bartender to show cleavage for a free drink (LOL!!!). He nearly died laughing, because I didn’t warn him I was doing it, and although we didn’t get a free drink, the bartender was laughing right along with us. It was AWESOME!

We got beat out for the best couple’s costume by Thing 1 and Thing 2… and the only reason that bothers me is because I really believe homemade costumes are the best.

What are your plans for Halloween?

(The fuzzy pictures are from Instagram! I apologize for the quality!)


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