5 Blogging Truths

5 Blogging Truths


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1. Strangers may commend you on a life-changing event in your life when you write about it.

I poured my heart out, all over my keyboard when I wrote this post, “Coming Out – A Mother’s Story – Part One“. As the words flowed, the tears rolled, and I put it all out there, in black and white. Then I sat on it, for a month. I wasn’t ready to share it, because I didn’t think anyone would care.

Some people did. It felt great to not feel so alone. But was that what I was striving for? Maybe writing about it was just therapeutic, something for me… so opinions don’t really matter as much as I thought they did.

2. If you ever need a reality check, have your blog post featured.


I was so excited. I had received some positive feedback with it, and a few readers admitted that the post made them cry, which I took as a good thing because it made ME cry, so yay for me, making some of my readers feel like I did! I was feeling pretty confident about it, and then comes “THE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK”. I knew it would happen, I expected it and I thought I would react with grace.

Not so much. The feedback upset me a little, but even though it did, I knew there was some truth to it. I needed to hear it. not everyone has the same point of view and that is absolutely okay. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but that still doesn’t mean that they get to tell me how I should proceed. The battle I wrote about is MY battle, and writing about is my way of working through it.

3. Just because not everyone agrees with you on your topic or your post, doesn’t mean you’re doing this for nothing.

We all have opinions, we all have ways of looking at things. We all need various amounts of time to deal with things. The point of my post was to share how I felt, in the event that someone else, now or in the future, goes through the same thing and feels exactly the way I do, they will know they are not alone. Is that not the entire purpose of putting our life experiences in print?

4. Strong reactions, positive or negative, all mean the same thing.

You’re doing something RIGHT because people are reacting. People are reacting because they are reading. They’re reading YOUR work!

Think about some of the celebrities and the stunts they pull, all to create a media frenzy. No such thing as negative publicity (okay, we can’t say that for Justin Bieber, but I digress).

Writing is the same thing… getting people talking, even if it’s negative, even if it’s about YOU, doesn’t mean anything other than: people are reading your work. Focus on the good, take the bad with a grain of salt, and hold your head high.

5. You SHOULD continue.

Throwing in the towel is not an option unless you genuinely dislike writing, in which case, why did you write anything? Exactly. You will get better, you will grow. Not only with writing, but also as a person.

It’s been awhile since someone’s called me out on something, and the post I mentioned is the first time in a long time. It’s a good thing because it’s given me something to think about, not to mention, something write about. You can get inspiration from just about anywhere, and sometimes, it can be hidden in a reader comment. So I’m going to look at the whole experience as a positive one.

In the end, being featured was still an exciting thing for me. My topic can be a controversial one, and everyone has an opinion, but it doesn’t matter because it’s MINE I’m writing about, and it’s done me some good to do so.

For the record, Tyler, my gay son, has read the post and absolutely loved it. Our communication has been excellent with all of this, and he thought the piece was well-written and he’s shared it with his friends. He’s also written about HIS experience, which I hope to have him guest blog about in a future post.

Fellow bloggers, keep writing! What you have to say matters!


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