Made With Love… To Enjoy Later

Hello fellow campers!

I’ve redone my recipes so that they can be downloaded as .doc files or image files 🙂 Hope this makes things easier!

Smores and Sundresses

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Another of my favourite topics… FOOD!! So a couple of posts back, I talked about some ideas for food to bring with you when you go camping (RVing, road trips, etc; etc.). I have spent much time perusing the web and Pinterest for ideas for my own family, and I’ve narrowed it down to a few stand-bys. The crockpot is my absolute favourite tool when my family and I go on our camping trips. It is so handy and nearly anything can be adapted for the crockpot. Having said that, I thought I would share some of my recipes for things that I bring with us. Keep in mind, these recipes can be altered and ingredients swapped out according to your family’s likes and dislikes. My family doesn’t have any food allergies (although Tyler acts like he’s allergic to raw tomatoes), so pretty much anything…

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