3 Things I Enjoy About Winter

3 Things I Enjoy About

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I’m a spring/summer gal, hands down. What about you?

Unfortunately, winter seems to last FoReVeR… so we have to make the best of it.

My three favourite things about the season are:

1. Ice-skating with my family.

It’s harder for myself, and my family, to stay active in the winter. In the summer, we are outside ALL the time. So, we try to make it a weekly or biweekly event and go ice-skating at a local arena. I’m not really a big fan of outdoor rinks, mostly because the surface is uneven, and the weather/wind are unpredictable.



2. Comfort Foods and baked goods. YUM!

Casseroles and all kinds of baked goodies to add some warmth to the house while baking, and to my bones after coming in from the cold. That’s the BEST feeling, isn’t it?

Here is one of my favourite casseroles… so simple and soooo yummy:


3. Netflix.

Is there really anything better than snuggling with your honey under a blanket and binge-watching your favourite shows? Well, maybe…  😉

What are three of YOUR favourite things about winter?


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