Take Care

Take Care

We all know that hilarious, but true, commercial of the sick husband in bed, calling, “Pam!  Paaaam… can you call my mom?” and she tosses a bottle of Nyquil on the bed.

Thankfully, Tyler is old enough to get himself home, and put himself to bed. He came home from school early a few weeks ago, and spent the next two days in bed. Then he came downstairs and asked us to go get him medicine.

Me: “Sorry bud, there is no medicine for the flu, you just need to sleep it off and drink fluids”. He was so disappointed, I felt bad for him. He doesn’t often get sick, so to see him out of commission is so weird, and unusual. We gave him a melatonin pill and it knocked him out. He was back on his feet in time for the weekend, and able to go to work on Saturday.

Then two weeks ago, Caleb came down with the flu. Devin and I had taken the day off for our anniversary. He seemed out of sorts, but didn’t really complain about not feeling well. He went to school, but by the evening, he had a fever and looked as a white as a sheet. He had been sick twice in the night, so he wasn’t going to school. I got caught up at work…  but by Wednesday, it was my turn… when the school called, I went home with him. 😦 Poor kid, he was just having such a hard time kicking it. He actually seemed a little disturbed at the fact that everyone but myself had gotten sick. And what did I tell him? “Moms aren’t allowed to get sick.”

I let it sink in for a minute, and then I said, “Buddy… I am sure my turn is coming, especially with all of you getting sick.” I’m no idiot! It took him three days to kick it, but as soon as he was eating more than half a serving of soup, I was confident that he was starting to feel better.

It breaks my heart when my kids are sick. I wish I could speed up the process so they can feel better. Caleb actually cried one evening, and said he hated being sick. As a mom, you just wish you could take it away. I’d gladly suffer so they wouldn’t have to!

It’s been the norm for our family, as I’m sure it’s been for yours… “feed a cold, starve a flu”. Lots of sleep, fluids and Tylenol when necessary.

How do you help sick people in your household?


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