2016 Resolution

I CanLookThis Great Again.jpg

My husband and I bought our family an XBox One for Christmas, after Caleb, our youngest, pointed out to my husband that gifts are never from his father and I, but always from Santa (he still believes, and I’m totally making sure this lasts as long as possible!).

So, while shopping, I stated to my husband that I was interested in the XBox, with Kinect, because we had the Wii already, and have had it for close to ten years. I didn’t feel like upgrading to the WiiU… I really liked using the Kinect. My heart was in my throat as the associate rung in our purchase. OMG, that was a LOT of money. This thing better vacuum, cook, and wash dishes

Anyway… one game that is a favourite of Tyler’s (and mine) is Just Dance. The playback at the end is extremely unforgiving as far as your figure goes.

Why, hello double-chin! Where did you come from?

Oh, right. The chocolate. *smacking forehead* AND the white wine. My BFFs!

Two cousins of mine have been using the 21 Day Fix. One cousin is into it hardcore (https://vicktoriousfitness.wordpress.com/), while another is in it for the portion control. I am so proud of them both!

Enter the 2016 Resolution:

I’ve spent the last month or so researching the plan and pinning recipes. I’ve created a board on Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/ddr74/21-day-fix/) Feel free to follow!

So this is my plan starting in January… and I need some help staying motivated, guys and gals! Anyone want to join me? Or, if you’ve been through the 21DF, I’d love to hear your story!


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