Happy Endings


My husband and I quit smoking about 16 years ago. If you want to read my funniest smoking story, head over to my About Me page… and yes, I still blame my husband. 🙂

Sixteen years ago, my husband and I had been married for two years, and we were both smokers. We wanted to have a baby, and we both knew smoking while pregnant was a big no-no, and it would be easier for both of us if we had each other to lean on.

I went to my doctor, explained the situation and she wrote me a prescription for Zyban. I’m sure someone out there has probably has a BAD experience with it, or knows someone else who has, but, it worked for us. Temporarily.

Skip forward to after Tyler was born. We still lived downtown, we were friends with smokers, and hung out with them all of the time. Our neighbours all smoked too. So, we picked up the habit, partially. We became social smokers: just gotta have that cigarette in one hand, and a drink in the other. So every time we had a couple of drinks, we had a couple of cigarettes.

Then one weekend, we had a party of some kind, and wow… talk about a bender! I didn’t get to bed until 3 or 4 in the morning, and had to be at work for 7. I dragged my still-drunk butt out of bed, showered, and went to work. I was in such rough shape, I hung my head over the garbage can for about 80% of my shift. It was awful. And every time I even thought about the smell of cigarettes, I gagged.

I honestly have no idea how I got my job done that day, but I got it all done. I went home, and wished for death. I can laugh about it now, but I was miserable at the time, and it was all my own fault. I didn’t touch alcohol for a very long time after that, and I didn’t try a cigarette until a few months later, and it brought everything about that one night back. I haven’t touched a cigarette since. Thankfully, neither has my husband!

We’re a lot more responsible with alcohol now too… thank goodness!

**Disclaimer – to our friends and family who smoke, it does NOT bother us… please don’t be offended! This post was written for the purpose of giving an example of a bad habit we’ve quit**

Happy Endings


5 thoughts on “Happy Endings

  1. Louise says:

    Congrats on kicking the habit. I don’t smoke, but my husband does and has tried a few times to quit. I think he’s gearing up for another attempt, but I’m not pushing. I know how hard it is.

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