Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim

I was never so relieved to have two weeks of my life over with.

About 12 years ago, I was doing very basic duties of the job I do now. I was working evenings and weekends to help the two weekday, full-time ladies. One of them had been off sick for awhile, so it was just us two.

I went in one day to discover, at the last minute, that she was going on vacation the following week. For two weeks.


I did everything I could to be a sponge before she left me on my own. I was mildly panicked, and terrified of screwing something up. The last thing I wanted was to mess something up royally, and create more work for her. She gave me the phone number for another person who does the job at another location, and I recall having to use it once or twice… but only when I was really stuck.

When she came back, she said everything was fine, while laughing at me. I probably DID mess it up but she never let on.

When the opportunity came up for the lead position at a brand new location, I got the job, and have been doing it, pretty well, ever since. Now people call me when they’re stuck, and I am always happy to help them out because I’ve been there!!

Have you ever been thrown into a sink or swim situation?

Sink or Swim


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