Star Struck

Star Struck

Ever since I can remember, I idolized some celebrity, either on tv, or in a band.

My parents still laughingly tell me about how I wanted to marry Captain Kirk and Bo Duke when I was, what? Maybe four or five? Yup… While William Shatner is really not much to look at these days, I definitely had good taste when it came to John Schneider. Have you seen him lately? Still hot! I was a smart kid! Unfortunately, not smart enough to realize that, one, he was WAY too old for me, and two, he was a celebrity. I would have had better odds winning a billion dollars.

Skip ahead to when I was in my teenage years. Yes I must admit, I was partial to New Kids on The Block, along with every other red-blooded teenage girl. I would be more embarrassed to admit it, but an awesome thing happened one day.

A friend of mine bought two tickets to see them in Toronto. Then she couldn’t go. I was so bummed out! I really wanted to go, it would be my first concert. My mom suggested asking my cousin to go with me. So I did. It was a night neither of us will ever forget.

My aunt and uncle drove her to our place, and my parents drove us to Toronto, which is about 45 minutes from us, but, it was during rush hour. My dad and rush hour traffic = one pissed off driver. It was bumper to bumper. We saw all kinds of limousines along the highway and wondered if the band was in any of them, so we stared each one down as it passed us.

And then, by some miracle, I spotted one of them, and he was NOT in a limo. Donnie Wahlberg was in a truck (couldn’t tell you the make, model or colour – I think maybe white? I kinda had star-struck tunnel vision at this point), and he was with a black guy, which I had assumed, and would still assume, was a bodyguard. He was hanging out of the passenger-side window, smiling at traffic as they were driving along with the rest of us.

The traffic was still crawling, and I BEGGED my dad to let us out of our truck so we could go say hi. I still, to this day, cannot believe he actually let us get out and walk the highway… but he did. We were so excited to go meet him, and we did. We said hello. He said hello back.

And then we had nothing else to say. We were fifteen and sixteen and we had NOT prepared ourselves for this moment, because we never in a million years thought we would ever meet a celebrity. I do a face-palm every time I recall this story, and today, it’s no different. What a loser I was. I didn’t even bring an autograph book or a pen. And the time had not yet come where it was considered okay to hand him a tube of lipstick and have him write on some body part (my dad would have turned the whole truck around, bumper-to-bumper or not!), so I’m glad I didn’t even know about that option.

We got back into the truck, still in awe that we actually met him… however awkwardly.

We continued to the concert, which was amazing. Everyone had posters, and I remember smelling pot (at NKOTB? Really? Still can’t figure that one out!). Our poster was the BEST though, because we DID have the forethought to bring a flashlight, to illuminate the words, “We Love You, Joey!” We were awesome in that regard!

We were so pumped (and probably a little high from the fumes) at the end of the night, we drove my parents insane for the rest of the night. She slept over and we giggled ALL night long. I don’t think we got any sleep.

These days, I’m more partial to Mark than his brother Donnie (Blue Bloods doesn’t interest me at all), but it was a night I will never forget, and I’m sure my cousin won’t either! Good times!

In case you’re wondering, I snapped out of the whole NKOTB thing, and I ridicule people when they talk about going to their comeback tours with The Backstreet Boys. They had their time… it’s time for One Direction now. Not that I am ga-ga over them either but I like some of their stuff.

Who was your teenage idol?
Teen Age Idol


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