Last Weekend’s Set List

Last Weekend's Set List

Today’s daily prompt is to write about last weekend like I’m a music critic. I needed some help from my friends, since I don’t listen to as much country music as they do (I do have an appreciation for it though, I’m a fan of many types of music), but I was familiar with a lot of the music that we heard throughout the evening, and even fell in love with a couple of new ones.

The first step was setting up the light show. A Christmas tree was ripped apart and added to the fire pit, before being set ablaze. Seating and beer was provided for the attendees. Guitars were brought out by people who were seasoned strummers. Even the weather cooperated for the duration of the outdoor venue.

The set-list was more or less as follows:

Brown-eyed Girl by Van Morrison
Put Another Log on the Fire by Waylon Jennings
Family Tradition by Hank Williams Jr.
Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lodi by CCR
Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Guitars and Cadillacs by Dwight Yoakam
Bad Mood Rising by CCR
S.O.B. by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

I’m probably missing a few songs here and there.

It was a great mix of music, different styles, eras and beats. There was something for everyone to enjoy listening to.

Even though I love today’s music, when I listen to older songs, I listen to the lyrics. Back in those days, people had something to SAY in their music. They often had a story to tell, the music meant something that people could relate to. I think even young people today, if they took the time to listen to the musical roots, they could develop an appreciation for the classics.

What is your favourite musical genre, and why?



4 thoughts on “Last Weekend’s Set List

  1. fandancer2013 says:

    That sounds like lots of fun! I like the Lynyrd Skynyrd tracks, but really my favourite musical genre is rock, favourite bands are Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and also Queen.

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