Fighting Bordeom

Fighting Boredom

Hello friends!

If you and I are friends on Facebook, you know that we just switched internet companies. We’ve had some pretty bad issues with our previous company, and we did some research for a new one about a month ago. Unfortunately, upon making the switch, we were two days shy of getting the new service, but it couldn’t be helped… we didn’t want to be charged a full month with the old company.

In this house, no internet=boredom. My husband plays an online game with his cronies. Tyler’s usually chatting with friends, and since Caleb’s iPad is out of commission due to a loose connection inside for the display, he’s been all about the XBox. And me… I love my social media and blogging.

In this house, you NOTICE when there’s no internet!!!

What on earth did we do before there was internet? Wait, I know this one… we used to do…. something!!

Thankfully, I went a little download crazy before Company A shut off our service so I had a couple of movies for my husband and I to watch. Thank goodness, because it tied us over. I almost didn’t notice we didn’t have the internet (I’m sure my husband will when he gets our cell phone bill and sees the data usage!!!).

Tyler has exams next week so he was able to get a lot of his notes from school onto his iPad so he could study (have I mentioned he is almost totally paperless?) and he studied and completed projects for school.

Caleb has had a heck of a time trying to pass his 5X multiplication tables… after four or five tries. Frustrating for him. We had him write out up to 5X12, twice (in different orders), leaving the answers blank. At school, if he can answer all of them within one minute, he gets a prize and goes to the next level. So, he was using my iPhone’s timer to do it. Each time he completed one, he’d bring it downstairs, and grab a blank one and get back at it. By the time he was nearly done, he was coming down the stairs before the timer went off.

He happily informed us, the next day, that he passed. Now it’s onto 6X, and guess where he is at this very moment? On the XBox. *sigh* I have not failed as a mom tonight… he’s spending his last hour of the day working on them!

I think I used to read books at one time… rent a movie (remember those days??).

What are some ways that you fight boredom?

( YAWN )


2 thoughts on “Fighting Bordeom

    • ddr_74 says:

      I know the feeling!!! Do you live in a warm climate, Josh? I really, really dislike the cold… if it was warmer here, I would love to go for a walk more often πŸ˜€ Spring is coming though!


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