Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello friends!

It’s that kinda lovely, kinda dreaded time of year, where everything is all hearts and flowers and chocolate. Mmm. Chocolate.

If you are like me, you prefer to stay in rather than go out anywhere. Avoid the crowds! Why go out when everyone else seems to be doing the same thing? I think romance shouldn’t be forced, and it should be all year long, rather than just on one day.

When my husband and I were dating, it seemed like a big deal. That was probably because we were so used to NOT having valentines, it was super special for us to have one in each other 🙂 So we used to do the whole dinner and a movie thing, but as the years go by, we do less because jockeying for a table in a crowded restaurant, or trying to find two seats together in a busy movie theatre doesn’t exactly scream “romance”. That’s just us, though. To each, their own!

If you’re staying in this year, or you want to make something sweet for your valentine, I’ve got an easy-peasy recipe for you! We’re whipping up cookies!

This recipe is awesome because it’s minimal ingredients and it’s an easy recipe to alter to suit your tastes!



These are perfect with a cup of coffee spiked with some Bailey’s for a cozy night in!


Enjoy, friends! I hope you have a great day with your loved one(s)!


12 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Chel says:

    These cookies look sooooo good to eat and easy to bake, which is totally a bonus for me. I joke stating that I can’t bake instead I burn and char things. Lol. Totally pinning this for later. Thanks for the nice chat today!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

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  2. Terri Webster Schrandt says:

    Yum! I totally agree with you about just enjoying each other’s company at home, and keeping the attitude of romance all year long! Since my hubby and I are still newlyweds (almost 3 years of marriage), and spent a lot of years alone, and in bad marriages prior, we embrace simplicity. Plus he can cook and bake! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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  3. thetightwadteacher says:

    Chocolate is my weakness. These look delicious! I am right there with you about staying home. We have 2 small children so sometimes we just want to relax on the couch! Thanks for linking up with us and hope you come back next week! #BloggerSpotlight

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