Money For Nothing

Money For Nothing

I have spent a lot of time over the past few months rethinking what I do for a living.

I don’t have the job security that I once had, despite having spent nearly fifteen years with the same company. I’ve often thought about leaving, but I have excellent benefits and the paid vacation time really can’t be beat. I have some fantastic co-workers, but overall, I don’t think I would miss it much if I left.

Then I began this blogging thing back in August. I had done a lot of reading about how people can make money from it, but I soon realized that no one will pay me for what I write about, at least not right now. And I am okay with that… I’m still a new blogger, still feeling my way through this, still evolving. One day, I may be able to help others with my blog, but for right now, I think it’s okay if I’m just testing the waters.

But my dream of working in my pjs, not leaving the house on -30°C days in sleet and snow has all but died. The dream is still very much alive, because in my search for at-home work, I’ve come across an idea that really excites me. While I’m not ready to share the idea with everyone yet, I’ve already taken the first steps towards my dream of working at home and made some powerful connections to get started in the direction I want to go. (Sorry if I’m being coy… I don’t mean to be… I just can’t bring myself to say it out loud yet – or in this case, type it out loud!)

This new venture won’t allow me the freedom to leave my job for awhile (I need to make sure I’ll earn enough before I walk away) but I know that I can do it. I know this because my confidence has grown with blogging, something I wasn’t entirely positive I could pull off, but here I am! I know I need to do a lot of work to kick this off, and build up contacts and clients before I’m financially secure enough to walk away and be the stay-at-home mom I want to be.

What I love most about this idea in my head is that blogging and promoting my posts has given me the building blocks and skills I need for this new venture. Even though I didn’t plan it that way, I am so glad things worked out the way they have. I’m thankful to the people who have already reached out to help me on my way.. bless you and thank you!

What is your dream job? Is it possible for you to take the steps necessary to make it happen?

Are you already working in your dream job? What steps did you take to get there? Were you afraid to take the leap of faith? What advice do you have for those of us wanting to take the plunge?

Money for Nothing


13 thoughts on “Money For Nothing

  1. ibeautytalk says:

    Interesting read! My dream job is to become a writer and I thought the best way to do this was to start a blog whilst also writing about one of my passions: makeup!
    I do get sent things to review sometimes by companies but it would be amazing if I could make a decent living off of it too! I guess I just have to keep working and really making sure my blog is out there for everyone to see.

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    • ddr_74 says:

      I love writing too, I always have! My kids laugh at my post-its when I leave them instructions for something, because it’s truly a novel LOL I feel like I’m finally on my way to my dream, and it’s definitely a good feeling! I wish you nothing but luck and success! ❤

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  2. GeorgieMoon says:

    How lovely that you have some plans for the future, and that they will probsbly be a success! I look forward to reading about your progress.
    i took early retirement at 55 and moved aboard our yacht and we sailed to Greece. My dream job would be if I was paid handsomely in some way to do this. I have written about a dozen articles about our adventures for sailing magazines, but I don’t get paid that much. I’d like a regular monthly column in a yachting magazine! Otherwise, I’d like to be paid to visit different countries and then write about them! Or I’d like to be a food critic. Or a chocolate tester…..

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    • ddr_74 says:

      You are living a lot of people’s dreams right there! I am soooo jealous! I have 25 years to go before I can retire, so I’m hoping I can make the most of those years! Thank you so much for sharing!

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