It looks like April’s weather has come early this year, and has decided that March Break is the time to dump precipitation on us all here in southern Ontario.

I’ll be the first to say that I love nothing more than a warm, sunny spring day, especially when I have a week’s vacation from work, but the rain is soothing and calm, and I really need it right now; my entire body is craving rest. I have worked long and hard since my last week off from work, back in August.

Do you find that rain helps you to sleep better? Do you find it calming? The rhythm of the rain falling and hitting the roof, the ambient noise? It’s days like these that I imagine grabbing a book, a blanket and a cup of tea and settling on the couch… the tea will go down nicely, warming my insides, and my eyes will fight to stay on the page as they droop sleepily. It’s the perfect formula for a nap… and National Napping Day was yesterday! (Let’s extend it by a week, ok?)

It’s perfect weather for getting things done in the house, or not.

Maybe it’s a board game with the kids kind of day! We shall see where this rainy day takes us.

Where will the rain take you today?



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