Why Camping is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

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Why Camping is Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you now know that my love for camping runs deep. It should, really, since it’s something I’ve been doing since I was a baby. Scratch that, before I was born, really. Yup… my mother was 8 months pregnant with me and went to the same campground that my husband and I camp at now with our kids. So what makes a camping trip so great? I have four important points to share:

Fresh Air

The fresh air knocks people out. We know this as parents of little ones, we know this of ourselves, if we’ve spent any time on any kind of outdoor trip. There are many health benefits to taking walks, strolls and hikes, in addition to exercise. In fact, I am so in love with fresh air, I’ll pile blankets on myself and my husband at 10 degrees out, and still have the window open, because I sleep better with fresh air flowing into our bedroom. It’s just a fact.



Camping usually involves a lot of exercise, in many different forms. Much of it is walking, but can include biking, hiking and swimming. You can skip the gym and still feel good about your workouts because you’re doing them in the, *ahem* fresh air. Exercise and fresh air… with that combination, how can anyone not have a great night’s sleep?



I’ve touched on this before, but being outside with nature is a very good form of relaxation. It’s been proven to reduce blood pressure and stress and is terrific for the soul. The natural elements are something that we, as a civilization, have fallen out of touch with, because everything in this day and age is about technology. Being away from that forces you to take notice of things that you might not readily take notice of every day.



Take away phones, laptops, iPads, deadlines, the regular household hustle and bustle, and you are left with time to spend together as a family. You are spending uninterrupted time with your loved ones, giving you the chance to reconnect with one another. The best family conversations happen around the campfire, under the stars. Can you hear the fire crackle and pop? Stir the logs, and watch the embers float into the air. It’s mesmerizing and also causes you to relax… and relaxing with your loved ones helps you to open up, be honest and talk about things you don’t ordinarily have time to talk about. This forms memories you will keep with you for a lifetime.

Do you have anything to add? Please feel free to share!


3 Problems with Camping (and How to Remedy Them!)


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1. Bugs

There are many ways to combat the bug situation, from bug repellent sprays and bracelets, and mosquito coils to bug zappers (man, those things are COOL!).

But if I’m being honest, and I usually try to be… the best way to beat the bugs at their own game is to plan your trips around their seasons.

We camp in Algonquin Provincial Park, along the highway, and we camp in August. The end of May and all of June are known for black flies. Been there, done that, it was nasty. July is bad for mosquitos… that was so irritating. When we camp in August, a nice, dry month, their time has come and gone.

It may take some experimentation on your part but nailing the bug schedule will save you money on bug deterrents.


2. Rain

As I mentioned, for us, August is usually a dry month for us to camp. Usually. We have had times where it’s rained nearly the entire week, with only one really good, hot and sunny day.

A prepared camper knows to plan for everything. And to pack accordingly.

Tarps will help keep your tents as dry as possible. Packing rain boots is a smart idea as well, but you could always check out Pinterest for tips on how to waterproof shoes (I’ve seen some easy instructions), and you can get a cheap raincoat at any outdoors store. Even Walmart sells emergency rain protective covers to wear… I’ve seen them for a dollar (dollar stores may have them too).

Bring an extra tarp for your firewood because you’re going to need to keep the wood as dry as possible if you still want a campfire. Yes, it is still possible to have a campfire in the rain!


3. Dirt/Pine Needles

It. Gets. Everywhere.

This is why our vehicle needs a complete overhaul when we get home! There are three ways you can keep everything as clean as possible:

A. Bring a camp broom and dustpan. You may have left home for a vacation,, but let’s be honest, you didn’t leave housework at home.

B. Bring a small, handheld vacuum. Whip that baby out and get to it (just be super quick about it to reduce the noise levels for your fellow campers, it’s sooooo not cool to vacuum your entire vehicle and three tents every single day.)

C. Invest in some protective plastic automobile mats. We just bought one for the back of our Journey, and it was only $10. This is going to save us a lot of time on cleanup!

There you have it. Solutions to the 3 biggest problems with camping! Enjoy your trip!

Have I missed something? Please share your ideas in the comments!

The First Rule of Camp Club

rules of camping
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I’m going to tell you a little secret. You may or may not already know this secret, but if you don’t know, you definitely should.

Camping is a quiet activity.
There. I said it. It’s out there. You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you make the awesome decision to go camping, the first rule of camp club is BE QUIET, so that your fellow campers can also enjoy their trip.

If you are WAYYYYY out in the bush, and there is literally no one around for MILES, then by all means, make as much noise as you like. Party it up until the wee hours! The world is your oyster!

But if you are close enough to your neighbour’s campsite, that you could probably carry on a full conversation without needing to get closer to them in order to hear them speak, please show some courtesy and tone it down.

Children are probably the biggest challenge… because when kids are little, let’s be honest, folks, they don’t care about anyone other than themselves, right? A two year old is going to throw a tantrum, regardless of their environment, if they aren’t happy. If that is the case, follow the tips I offer in a previous post: http://bit.ly/1My22li. I am confident that I can help tame the beasts!
nature and relaxation

The purpose of camping is to get away from everything, and enjoy the sounds of nature.

If you bring your dog, a fellow camper’s ONLY request of you is to please make sure the dog is well-trained and well-behaved. If this is not the case with your dog, put the dog in a kennel.

Even if your fellow campers don’t say anything about it, it doesn’t mean your dog isn’t annoying the heck out of them with the whining and barking. Yes. I know. I’m not a dog person at all, but I do understand. Your dog is part of the family. You can’t possibly NOT go without them. But yes. You can. Paying some attention to your camper neighbours will clue you in on the kind of job you’re doing. Glares are usually a dead giveaway that you could improve. One word. Kennel.

I may get some heat for this post, but it’s about respect. Really. It’s not just your vacation. Your fellow campers deserve to enjoy their trip as well, so if bringing extra toys and dog treats doesn’t work, maybe paying some attention to your dog’s needs will help keep them on the down low, so that everyone’s trip is a happy one.

Getting away from it all means exactly that. And most people try to get away from the noise too. Being a quiet camper will win you major points, and maybe some friends in the camping world!

Are there other rules that I may have missed? Please feel free to share!